Five Reasons Why You Need GTD

Getting Things Done (GTD) helps you manage your productivity without to-do lists. It’s also a better way to live your life and (re)gain personal satisfaction. When you get stuff out of your head (and other inboxes), and can file it consistently so you can readily find it when you need/want (no sooner, no later). You make space in your life to grow. With this growth, you:

  1. Can stop thinking about everything and focus only on one thing
  2. Are confident that the one thing you are working on what is most important at that time
  3. Know (and can make better choices about) what is “on your plate”
  4. Know what work matters most to your productivity
  5. Are satisfied with your life

There are hundreds if not thousands of personal organizing systems out there — many of them overlap with each other, so you can go looking for one that fits your needs, our you can create your own system. However, if they don’t help you live confidently, meeting all the “yes” matters you have, at every moment of your life, then you won’t be as satisfied (with your system or with your life). I’m writing a number of books to help you create your system using popular productivity tools.

Productivity Leads to Peace of Mind

You aren’t worrying about other things while you are busy working on one thing. What has your attention is what needs your attention, now. Getting things done manages your productivity. You simply do one important thing at a time.

I’m sitting at my desk right now, uncomfortable with the odd idea that I’m comfortable here, writing this post. I have at least a dozen other things that need doing, yet I know that this matters, and everything else can wait their turn. This is how GTD helps you manage your productivity in the midst of what seems a storm of competing to-do’s!

What am I doing next? It doesn’t matter (right now)! When I finish this article, I will stand and stretch, maybe get a glass of water, and then come back to my Goalscape workspace to see what my next actions are. It will take time getting comfortable with the liberty of having only one thing on my mind.

Productivity with what matters most. Being productive is being organized
Productivity with what matters most
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